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Dr. AU Chun Ting Jun


BSc, MPhil, PhD, RPSGT

Research Assistant Professor

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Dr. Au is the person-in-charge of the paediatric sleep diagnostic and research laboratory in the Prince of Wales Hospital. His research has centered around sleep-disordered breathing and sleep deprivation in children and adolescents. Particularly, he has been investigating the cardiovascular and neurocognitive complications of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and the treatment responses, the natural history of OSA from childhood to adulthood, the familial aggregation and heritability of childhood OSA, the screening and diagnosis of OSA, and the epidemiology of OSA in different paediatric age groups. He is currently pursuing the followings:
• Precision medicine for childhood OSA: Subtyping of childhood obstructive sleep apnoea
• Identification of predictors of clinical outcomes of childhood OSA
• Long-term outcomes after treatment for childhood OSA
• Night-to-night variability of OSA severity index
• Adverse effects of sleep deprivation and effect of sleep extension in children and adolescents

Besides, he runs a regular training course for respiratory and sleep medicine trainees and research personnel involved in the management of paediatric sleep problems. He has been frequently invited to lecture and provide educational workshops in a variety of sleep conferences both locally and in mainland China.

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