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Team Head

  • Dr. YAM Man Ching 

Team Members

  • Dr. LO Fung Cheung, Amy

  • Dr. MOK Chi Fung, Geoffrey

  • Dr. SO Chi Tak, Enoch

Clinical Services

In-patient and out-patient services

We provide secondary care services in the diagnosis and management of cardiac problems for children in both in-patient and out-patient settings. We receive in-patient consultations from colleagues within our department as well as consultations from other specialties. Every year, we have seen over 1600 children in our out-patient cardiac clinics. Also, we perform more than 1300 echocardiograms for our patients each year.

Special investigations

24-hour Holter monitoring, cardiac-event recording, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, and Treadmill exercise tests. Each year, there are over 150 patients who have received one of these investigations.


For patients having complex congenital heart diseases or complicated tachyarrhythmias, they are referred to the Cardiology Team of Hong Kong Children’s Hospital for further management (including cardiac surgeries or cardiac catheterization).

Multidisciplinary care team

Educational activities

We are encouraged to attend training in local tertiary centre (with the support of the Cardiology Team of Hong Kong Children’s Hospital) as well as training overseas.

Research opportunities

  • The relationship of left ventricular mass with masked hypertension in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents.

  • Kawasaki disease, especially children who are refractory to IVIG as first line treatment, and the application of local risk stratification score (in progress).

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