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Intensive Care

Team Head

Team Members

  • Dr. CHAN Chi Ngong, Lawrence

  • Dr. CHENG Wing Tak, Amy

  • Dr. CHUI Kit Man, Kitty

  • Dr. LIN Anna

  • Dr. SZE Wang Pui, Steve

Clinical Services

  • 5 acute PICU beds

  • Provide intensive care to critically ill patients age >1 month to <18 years old.

  • Provide mechanical ventilation, organ support, including renal replacement therapy, plasmapheresis, neurocritical care, post-trauma care.

Multidisciplinary care team

Educational activities

  • Provide training on caring of critically ill children, Airway management, central line insertion, Ultrasound in PICU, Renal replacement therapy

Research opportunities

  • Liaise with local and overseas PICUs

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