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Respiratory Medicine

Clinical Services

Two dedicated beds for overnight sleep study. Respiratory patients are catered for in our general paediatric wards.

We run the following subspecialty clinics:

  • Chest Clinic

  • Sleep Disorder Clinic

  • Chronic Lung Disease Follow-up Clinic

  • Non-invasive Ventilation Follow-up Clinic

  • Paediatric Airway Clinic, jointly with our ENT colleagues

  • Combined Paediatric Thoracic Clinic, jointly with our paediatric surgical and cardiothoracic surgical colleagues

  • Combined Cranio-facial Clinic, jointly with our neurosurgical and dental colleagues

We also run a monthly paediatric respiratory and sleep clinic and provide in-patient consultation for non-urgent respiratory patients at the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital.

Multidisciplinary care team

Educational activities

  • Weekly Bronchoscopy Service

  • Polysomnography Training Programme

  • Virtual Journal Club

  • Bimonthly Sleep Medicine Grand Round

Trainees are involved in formulating protocols and guidelines, and they are expected to take in-patient consultations.

  • Biennial CUHK Respiratory Conference

  • Biennial CUHK Sleep Conference

Research opportunities

  • Weekly Research Meeting

Trainees are expected to take an active part in our on-going respiratory and or sleep medicine research projects. They are also encouraged to initiate a research project from their personal interest.

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