The division offers diagnosis, treatment and education for children and families affected with diabetes and other endocrine conditions.  The endocrine conditions include variations and abnormalities of growth and puberty, as well as other hormonal problems. 

The Team

Clinical Services

Our team provides in-patient services, consultations and out-patient clinics to children with diabetes and other endocrine conditions.  We perform special endocrine investigations in diagnosing and monitoring endocrine diseases.  We offer treatment to children with various endocrine diseases.  We work closely with our neurosurgical and paediatric surgical teams in looking after children with endocrine problems related to brain tumours as well as cases with endocrine tumours.  We follow our childhood cancer survivors managed in Children’s Cancer Centre for long-term endocrine complications.  Apart from Growth Disorder Clinic, Diabetes Clinic and Thyroid Clinic, we operate a Combined Disorder of Sexual Development Clinic with paediatric surgeon, paediatric gynaecologist, clinical psychologist and child psychiatrist in managing children with disorders of sexual development.  We work in a multidisciplinary approach with diabetes nurses and dietitians in providing diabetes care to children and their families.  We also co-ordinate with diabetes nurses for the annual assessment of diabetic complications in our children.



  • Epidemiology of childhood diabetes

  • Immune dysregulation in type 1 and type 2 diabetes

  • Epidemiology of paediatric autoimmune thyroid disorders

  • Growth hormone – insulin-like growth factor axis in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents

  • Obesity, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents 


Faculty of Medicine

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