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The Division of Haematology/Oncology was set up by Prof. Patrick Yuen in 1980s after the opening of Prince of Wales Hospital. The first paediatric bone marrow transplantation in Hong Kong was performed in February 1991. The Lady Pao Children’s Cancer Centre was formally opened in 1995. At this moment, the Centre is the largest paediatric oncology unit in Hong Kong with 24 in-patient beds including ten HEPA filtered single isolation rooms, and a Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit with four Laminar-air-flow bone marrow transplantation beds. A ten bed Day Unit was attached to the inpatient ward, and a designated outpatient clinic is available for immunocompromised patients in the Cancer Centre. Paediatric cancer and severe haematological disease such as aplastic anaemia are treated within the Children’s Cancer Centre by multidisciplinary teams. Non-malignant haematology patients such as thalassaemia, ITP and haemophilia are managed in the general paediatric wards with the support of the haematology team.



The team is active in clinical and laboratory research in malignant and non-malignant conditions:

  • Coordinating centre for Hong Kong paediatric oncology units in international (IBFM Study Group) and national clinical trials on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

  • Minimal Residual Disease study in leukaemia

  • New methods of Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: double unit cord blood transplant and haploidentical stem cell transplantation

  • Sponsored clinical trial on new iron oral chelator (deferasirox), bone mineral density and MRI assessment of iron overload in heart and liver

  • International collaborative study on pathogenesis of Hb F induction, local herbal study on stimulation of Hb F

  • Stem cell research with special interest on cord blood biology

  • Long term follow up of cancer survivors


Selected Research Grants

  1. Genetic modulation of Hb F in thalassemia. National Institute of Health, USA. Sept 2005 to Aug 2010. (Institution PI: CK LI) ($417,000)

  2. A One-Year, Open-Label, Single Arm, Multi-Center Trial Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Oral ICL670 (20mg/kg/day) in Patients Diagnosed with Transfusion-dependent Iron Overload. (sponsored by Novartis) (Institution PI: CK LI) ($2.1M)

  3. Study of Minimal Residual Disease in Hong Kong Chinese Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Research Grant Council, Hong Kong. Jan 2007 to Dec 2009. ($1.3M) Co-I: C K Li.

  4. A Multicentre study of Treatment Protocol for Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in China 2008: Minimal Residual Disease monitoring. (PI: CK Li) Children’s Cancer Foundation, May 2008 to Nov 2012. ($3.56M)

  5. A survey of health status of childhood cancer survivors. Health and Health Services Research Grant. Jan 2009 – Dec 2010. (Co-I: CK Li)($514,000)

  6. Pilot Study of Efficacy and safety of Chinese Herbal Medicine Gualou (fructus trichosanthis) in Treating beta-thalassaemia Intermedia Patients. (PI: CK Li) Children’s Thalassaemia Foundation. 2009. ($167,000)

  7. A cross-sectional, multi-center, epidemiological study inWestern and Asian countries in children and adolescentswith Chronic Hepatitis B. (Novartis sponsored study) (institution PI: CK Li) September 2009.

  8. Study of Bone Mineral Density in thalassaemia Major patients. Children’s Thalassaemia  Foundation (SCMP Operation Santa Clause) 2010. $400,000.


Selected Publications


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  2. Lönnerholm G, Valsecchi MG, Lorenzo PD, Schrappe M, Hovi L, Campbell M, Mann G, Janka-Schaub G, Li CK, Stary J, Hann I and Pieters R, for the Interfant-99 Study Group.  Pharmacokinetics of High-Dose Methotrexate in Infants Treated for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Pediatr Blood Cancer 2009, 52:596-601.

  3. Cheng CK, Li L, Cheng SH, Lau KM, Chan NPH, Wong RSM, Shing MMK, Li CK, Ng MHL. Transcriptional repression of the RUNX3/AML2 gene by the t98;21) and inv(16) fusion proteins in acute myeloid leukemia. Blood 2008;112:3391-3402.

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Stem cell biology

  1. Li K, Ooi VE, Chuen CK, Lam AC, Ooi LS, Zhang XB, Tsang KS, Chiu LC, Chan KY, Li CK, Fok TF Yuen PM, Ng PC.  The plant mannose-binding lectin NTL preserves cord blood haematopoietic stem/progenitor cells in long-term culture and enhances their ex vivo expansion.  Br J Haematol., 2008; 140(1):90-98.

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Educational activities

The Children’s Cancer Centreis serving as a paediatric oncology training centre for medical, nursing and technology staffs. The Centre provides three-month clinical attachments for doctors and nurses from mainland China. The Team collaborates with Shanghai Children Medical Center of Jiaotong University, and conducts Paediatric Oncology Training Courses annually in different cities of China, with financial support from Hong Kong Children’s Cancer Foundation.


Patient Support Group

The Little Warrior Society is formed by patients, parents, medical and nursing staffs of the Centre. Regular ward visits and recreational activities are arranged for newly diagnosed patients and also survivor families. A Choir is formed and performs in various public function.


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