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19 July 2018

Sleep deprivation increases risk of cardiovascular diseases

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Researchers of the Faculty of Medicine at CUHK have recently conducted a study which revealed that shorter sleep duration puts adolescents at risk of cardiovascular diseases. (From left) Dr. Jade LI, fresh medical graduate of CUHK; Professor Albert LI and Dr. Kate CHAN, both from the Department of Paediatrics, CUHK.

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Professor Albert LI states that inadequate sleep is a common global phenomenon in modern society, prompt intervention is needed to prevent the increase in future cardiovascular events.

Dr. Jade LI  says that shorter sleep duration is associated with increased Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT) in adolescents, which implies higher risk of cardiovascular diseases in the future. 

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Prof. Kate CHAN suggests adolescents to develop good sleeping habits, for example, rest at regular hours and set the time limit of electronic devices usage before sleep.

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